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Commissioning & pricing

The Angel Stained Glass Studio

First, a visit will be arranged to the client’s house or premises or the client can visit the studio if preferred. During this meeting the brief will be established from a range of information provided and the situation the project is to fit in to. From this, a sketch or sketches and cost estimates are drawn up. There is no commitment at this stage. Another meeting is then arranged to agree the design and choose the materials from samples. Once an agreement has been reached, a non-refundable deposit of approximately 10% is required in order to purchase the required materials. A timescale will also be agreed at this point and the work commenced. Clients are very welcome to come and see the work in progress at the studio if they so wish.

As a rough guide, prices for new commissions range from around £40 up to £250 per square foot depending on the complexity of the design and the number of stages involved. As each design is unique, it is impossible to give any illustrations here but please get in touch if you would like a rough estimate prior to arranging a briefing visit and the preparation of a more detailed estimate. Good quality stained glass is an investment for any home and can actually add value to a property. However, it can be made portable so that you can continue to enjoy it yourself should you move. Autonomous pieces also have investment potential as works of art in their own right.

As well as stained glass commissions, we do repairs (in situ or re-leading at studio) and manufacture/repair of leaded lights.


Repairing a damaged Tiffany lamp shade

Leaded light panels made to fit salvaged iron frames for an in-keeping extension